Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Made Trail Mix

Many people struggle with knowing how to eat healthy on the go. A long trip out or a late night turns into a run for fast food, a processed grocery store granola bar, or crackers. In many cases this is because it can be difficult to pack healthy foods that are easy to make and still travel well. One excellent and versatile option for food that travels well is trail mix. Trail mix that you make yourself can be affordable, healthy, and portable.

When many people think of trail mix they think of small premixed packages of peanuts and raisins. However, these premixed packets are very expensive. Instead, find a bulk food store and create your own mix. Start with some nuts that you like. These can be raw almonds, pistachios, cashews, or even peanuts. Try to stay away from nuts that are salted, dry roasted, or coated with sweet or salty flavorings. These coatings will add calories and potential chemicals to your mixture. Once you have your nuts, add some dried fruit to your mix. Try dried apple rings, banana chips, raisins, or even dried apricots. Dried fruit adds a sweet flavor to it without the calories of chocolate or candy. Add in some sunflower seeds, dried coconut flakes, or even some organic dark chocolate chips.

Dried Fruit

If you are purchasing in bulk, buy a small amount of each of your trail mix ingredients. When you get home, mix your ingredients together and package it in small lidded containers or Ziploc bags. These bags will equal one to two serving sizes of trail mix. This allows you to simply grab a container of it whenever you need a quick snack.

A snack mix like this trail mix will give you an on the go snack with enough protein, healthy fat, and flavor to keep you from resorting to an unhealthy fast food meal or processed snack. If you cannot purchase your ingredients from a bulk food store you can always buy a large jar of plain peanuts, a bag of raisins, and some dried fruit and make a simple trail mix without paying the premium price for the prepackaged mixture.

Home Made Trail Mix

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