Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Acai Berry - The Health Benefits in Weight Loss Products

There is a lot of talk about acai on the web and news raving over the benefits in ones health and weight loss this product can deliver. When I first looked at the acai berry juice on TV a few years ago I paid no mind to it. I just thought its another weight loss supplement on the health and fitness market.

Then acai berry supreme and a lot of spin-off started to pop up and then I started to get interested.

Then one day my brother mentioned that he was taking it for 2-3 months and had lost weight and felt healthy and vibrant on the acai berry diet. I said no way and he said he felt great.

It was at that moment I decided to research this weight loss food.

So what is acai? Have you ever heard of a Acai Palm or Aqai ( Euterpe Oleracea) No well neither had I, but it turns out to be Palm Tree where this Acai Fruit berry grows from in the Rain Forest of the Amazons In Brazil.

This acai Berry and its pure juices looks like a purple grape, but don't be fooled this Fruit packs a punch. It is loaded with rich nutrients and a lot of Antioxidants.

Acai berries are also loaded with fiber, omega fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. Wow I had to say it this Weight loss supplement so far had a lot of great packed in benefits to our health. Just like a grape it has skin pulp and a seed. Around 10 % of the acai berry is Pulp and skin is where the rich nutrients come from which is edible the rest is the pit(seed). I tried the acai berry select which is the bottle that my brother was using to lose weight and maintain it off. I have to say that it has a pretty good rich taste.

Now so far I was starting to see what the buzz over this product was, but I had to know how it helped with ones desired weight loss diet. So I continued to look for answers and proof I had my brother who had lost an excess of 20 pounds in 3 weeks, but I needed more.

Now acai Berry comes in many shapes and forms now you have the acai capsules, acai liquid or juice acai berries dried or frozen you can take.

What I found to be key to the Acai berry supplement is the Antioxidants it possess.

Antioxidants in our body fight to remove the radicals in our system they good natural chemicals. Now these bad guys the free radicals get into our system through the air we breath and the food one eats. The free radicals are absorbed into ones tissues, where they can badly damage our cell structure.

With time these free radical can lead up to premature aging or even heart disease and cancer. The Antioxidants In fruits like acai berries will naturally remove these radical stopping them from harming our bodies. These acai berries posses a very high concentration of antioxidants

The Antioxidant are known to help regulate cholesterol levels and help with vascular and cardiac function.

Acai Berry Product Uses: Colon Cleansing and detoxing, Weight loss diet, hearth conditions, high cholesterol just name some

Acai Health Properties:

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory support immune system and weight loss.

There are a lot of positive testimonials as well as hard facts from people that have used the products of this acai fruit. You can go online and see a lot of the testimonials and read their stories. I know that there is also a lot of misinformation

I will say this fruit be it powder capsules natural or pure organic how ever you find them are not the magic pill to weight loss.

However they will be a huge boost to your weight loss diet regimen by making your body healthy and well balanced and in return you will see that your weight goals can be obtained.

Here is a list of what Fruit Berry Users Claim to promote:

* Energy Level Increase

* Improved digestive function

* Cleansed the body and intestines

* A stronger immune system

* Good Healthy Skin

* Improved circulation

* Improved mental clarity and focus

* Improved sexual desire and performance

* Good Night Rest

* Enhanced Sight

You can start to see the acai berry benefits some users have noted to be exceptional.

As you can see this Fruit Acai Berry has a very good resume and people taking it for weight loss diet,top fitness in general. I am starting to believe that this is pretty close to a super fruit if I may say.

Now you may ask is there any acai berry side effects to using this fruit. That is a topic for a whole new article that I will share with in in the future.

I have as well recently started to use the acai juice the help in my cleansing of my body help improve my digestion to try to live healthier I will keep you posted. I personally love getting my health products from GNC for their knowledge of these supplements they sell

While a neighbor of mine is using acai berry power 500.I am very curious to see his results. I will have to follow him to share with you his results.

There are some unscrupulous people on the web you have to be careful with some acai berry scam, just like every product in the market, you have people trying to scam. You just have to do a little homework to screen through these people

So there are plenty of uses and facts on Acai Berry that have convinced me. I will leave it up to you to see if this fruit is right for you

I have to run now I hope you stay healthy and fit till next time keep exercising

My name is Maria Avalos and since 1992 I have been helping people just like you lose weight and create a wonderful revolution in their lives. I hope that this article helps you on understanding weight loss. For more information on weight loss diet,weight loss plans and programs feel free to weight loss diet.
Now if you more detailed reviews and keep updated with what is happening with acai fruit visit us @ Acai Berry.

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