Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anxiety Attacks and the Foods That Help Us Fight Them

Now we'll turn our attention to the foods you'd be wise to eat. Diet really is so important if you want to combat your Anxiety from a position of strength. By that I mean that if your diet is very acidic, then conquering Anxiety Attacks and the Anxiety that follows is going to be all that much harder. Once your diet's sorted out and your body's back in balance, then at least you're starting on level ground.

So let's see if we can help you with your diet and put you on the right road to start your recovery.

Believe it or not, fruit juice, too, is alkaline and is very good for you. Plenty of fruits and raw vegetables are the ideal, but I can well understand how uncooked vegetables sound to many people. At least don't cook them until they're a mush!

Protein-wise, 50 grams a day should suffice, unless you happen to have a job that's very strenuous, or you engage in heavy workouts and a lot of road work and running generally. Then obviously you'd require more. The protein intake itself should consist of 7% animal protein, (or the vegetarian equivalent), or 36 ounces of good yoghurt.

Following is a list, a very partial one I might add, of fruits and vegetables that you'll find will greatly assist you in your battle against Anxiety.

Green Beans,
Peas, (fresh or frozen),
White Potatoes,
Dried Figs,
Dried Dates,
Sweet Potatoes,
Brussels Sprouts
and Raw Spinach.

Now, if you read through this list, but find there's something you like by way of a fruit or vegetable that isn't there, don't worry. It's almost certainly quite acceptable. The great thing about eating like this is that not only is it helping your Anxiety, you're going to feel so much better.

I'm most fortunate. I'm married to a lady who knows all about diet, what we should and shouldn't eat, so the meals she prepares are always balanced and varied. Heaven knows how she keeps thinking them up!

I'm lucky, too, in that I'm as skinny as a rail, but even so, the sort of diet I've suggested isn't for slimming, necessarily. It's to arm yourself in your fight against our common enemy, Anxiety.

The foods to avoid are things like big, stodgy cakes and buns, white bread, indeed anything that looks as though it'll slow you down.

Purely out of interest, science is looking more closely than ever on the types of food we eat, relative to finding a definitive cure for Anxiety. They've even found that a gluten-free diet helps Schizophrenics a great deal

Mike Bond, giving us advice about the foods that help us fight Anxiety. There's no need to fight over visiting Mike's Website, Panattack. There's room for everyone. And there are plenty of copies of the Free Mini Course, too. Make quite sure you collect yours when you visit Free Mini Course

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