Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Feed the Birds - Make Wild Bird Food at Home

Although it is possible to purchase some wild food such as wild bird seed to encourage birds to show up in your back yard, another option you have is to actually make your own bird food. It's really easy to make a tasty treat for the birds, and it allows you to help give the birds some variation in their diet, since they shouldn't be surviving on seeds alone anyway. Here is a look at a simple recipe that will allow you to make plenty of wild bird food on your own.

What You Will Need

Dried Fruit

First, you need to gather all of the ingredients that you are going to need to make this wild bird food. You will need rolled oats, and you should not try to substitute this with instant oats. You will also need some peanuts, some commercial wild bird food mix, some sunflower seeds, and some dried fruit. Some dried fruit options to include are cranberries or raisins, although almost any dried fruit will be fine to put in the mix of food.

Making the Food

Now that you have all the ingredients together, you can begin making the fed. Put all the ingredients in a large bowl. Mix the ingredients together well so everything is mixed up and evenly distributed throughout the mix. It won't matter how much of each ingredient you end up using. Just remember to put more oats in the mix than you do nuts or fruit.

Once you have made the wild bird food, you are ready to put it outside. You can put it out on the ground or if you have some bird feeders, put the food inside the feeders for the birds to find. Once you begin putting this feed out for the birds, you'll be able to enjoy many different types of birds in your yard, since the feed will attract them. For just the few dollars you pay for the ingredients, you can add the color, beauty, and sound of birds to your life.

Feed the Birds - Make Wild Bird Food at Home

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