Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Latest Food Craze - Oatmeal Anyone?

Can you imagine that oatmeal would ever be the latest food craze? It is supposed to be very healthy for you brings down cholesterol levels, is full of fiber, keeps your insulin levels stable and fills you up. But now everybody's trying to get onto the bandwagon. Yes, McDonald's are doing it, Starbucks are doing it, and many other places also.

Starbucks are pushing a plain version with packets of brown sugar, dried fruit and nuts for toppings. McDonald's is selling it with maple flavoring sprinkled with fresh apple chunks raisins and dried cranberries. Caribou coffee is offering a choice of flavors including maple brown sugar crunch, sounds to me like they getting into the least healthy version here. Jamba juice a well-known smoothie chain has also a version of oatmeal. Get on trend for breakfast, looks like the health bug is going to hit us all.

Dried Fruit

Actually I think these companies are pretty clever really, although we have less money these days, the oatmeal is marketed at around two dollars and most of us will think we can afford that. On top of that will be telling ourselves that it's healthy, it's good for us, so why not. Oatmeal can be cooked very easily in the microwave, in less than two minutes, but if we're running late and we missed breakfast, then a quick drive through a McDonald's, for a item is probably okay.

However, we must beware of the extras on top of the oatmeal, as dried fruit and nuts come with hefty calorie values, if we are going to be sitting at a desk all day. If you go on a long run at lunchtime, then certainly allow yourself the dried fruit and nuts

The Latest Food Craze - Oatmeal Anyone?

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