Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hair Dandruff & Flaky Scalp Remedies

During winter or in cold weathers, some individuals develop dry and itchy scalp. This problem is also confronted by some individuals when they move from hot environments to cold situations. The scalp turns tight and itchy upon onset of cold weather. When the hair is combed or brushed small scraps of dead skin peels off. This dry scalp situation goes by the name of dandruff. A number of scalp situations might be caused by dandruff. It is important to know that all primary symptoms of a trouble of scalp may not be dandruff.
In case the scalp is peeling off, dry skin in the hairline or top of the head with dust like small and powdery while flakes, is most probably a case of seasonal dry scalp. This may not call for any medication. Hair dandruff flakes having diameters of 1 mm plus represent a more challenging scalp condition. Inflammation on itchy parts and dry patches near nose, ears and breast could be an indication of psoriasis or eczema for which a visit to a dermatologist is essential.
Dandruff can amass for numerous reasons. Incorrect eating habits, constipation, cool conditions, emotional tension can be named as reasons.  There are several flaky scalp treatments which can be abided by at home. Fenugreek seeds form a very important cure for hair dandruff. Soak two tablespoons of these seeds overnight in water and mash to a fine paste in the morning. Use on the scalp, wait for half an hour and wash hair thoroughly with soap-nut solution. Using a teaspoon of fresh lime juice followed by the last rinse is another remedy. Rinse hair twice a week with two tablespoons of green gram powder mixed with half a cupful of curd. Hair dandruff can be got rid of by diluting cider vinegar with same quantity of water and patting the solution on to hair with a cotton wool in between shampooing. The liquid needs to be rubbed over the scalp.
The Home dandruff remedies are successful in treating an itchy scalp. Dietetic alterations are vital and you must cohere to it. A five day fruit diet accompanied with a meal of citrus fruits and canned fruits to be taken three times everyday. However keep off citrus fruits, bananas, dried fruits and canned fruits. A well balanced diet rich in raw solid foods specially fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken thenceforth. Also avoid meat, white flour, sugar, strong beverages, pickles, processed food products.
The scalp has to be kept clear to cure dandruff and prevent the collection of dead cells. Brushing the hair everyday is important as it improves blood circulation and removes flakiness.  Brushing should be done by bending forward with the head faced down and combing from nape of the neck towards the head. Use a shampoo and conditioner of the proper quality to eliminate the hair dandruff.

Any dandruff problem can be controlled with the proper dandruff home remedy. If done properly the condition can be fixed for good as well. It all starts with knowing the root cause of the problem. This is the first step. Then it can be properly cured. Only this approach will guarantee a favorable outcome. Visit or click on Hair Dandruff

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