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Cherries and gout

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Cherries and gout for many years closely connected and used cherry juice is a popular home remedy to prevent a recurrence of the symptoms of gout. How many home remedies, is not for everyone, but many people have reported positive results for those suffering from gout, it is also worth trying.

Gout is a painful and debilitating, the gain caused by uric acid crystals in the blood. This data is then stored incauses the joints and tissues, usually in the toes, painful inflammation and affects the amplitude of movement of joints.

The first time, cherries and gout have been associated, was a scientific study, which took place in 1950. Twelve people with gout have received a pound of cherries a day and eat all the subjects showed an improvement. They reported a significant reduction in the number of gout and uric acid levels can be shown to a normal level.

Since thisfirst major study linking cherries and gout, many other scientific studies have taken place and all have the same meaningful conclusions gout and cherries are a very favorable record profits.

Scientists believe that the main advantage of an ingredient of a substance called anthocyanin cherries, cherry red color characteristic. Anthocyanin is a great anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to reduce the incidence of colon cancer. Flavonoidsthat the anti-inflammatory to reduce and prevent inflammation in patients with recurrent attacks of gout are characterized.

Although anthocyanins are very good at lower levels of uric acid in the body and thus relieve the painful symptoms of gout, some studies have shown that regular Also Consumption of anthocyanins in the context of healthy eating to help reduce the incidence of heart disease and stroke. There is also evidence that cherries may, in some benefits, suggestsPrevention and treatment of cancer.

He suffers from gout cherry juice may be consumed beverage cherry fruit (fresh or dried), or use a combination of both. Eating only six cherries per day has been shown to provide significant improvements in symptoms of gout. Acid red, black, yellow or sweet cherries, all offer the same benefits. After the introduction of cherries in the diet, some people notice an immediate relief of symptoms of gout, while othersmay take longer to see an improvement.

Although the link between gout and cherries have known hundreds of years is to try only recently that people began to return home gout based on the consumption of cherries are based. Gout has always been treated with anti-inflammatory and other drugs. But many of these can have unpleasant side effects and, above all, NSAIDs can cause stomach ulcers and bleeding whentaken long term.

Because of these problems, many people are invited to try the cherries and gout natural remedy instead. Cherries are not for everyone, but they are a tasty food source and freely available, the ingredients are rich in nutrients and healthy.

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