Saturday, August 21, 2010

The mineral series

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Minerals are another group of nutrients such as vitamins, to help our bodies of many of its necessary tasks. In fact, many of these minerals are essential for health. An overdose of minerals, which is very, very unlikely if you have kidney problems. If you have problems with the kidneys, the only way that this would be an overdose if you made a great effort to do so, and even then it would be difficult. The reality is that most people do not go anywhere nearMineral enough. Consider some of these minerals, in particular:


Well, many people know the benefits of calcium. milk for children from a very young age, he learned to get enough calcium. If the milk is really healthy or not is controversial, but the benefits of calcium is well-established right. Helps maintain strong bones, blood pressure and normal nerve function. Searching for places other than calcium are dairy products, broccoli, walnuts and some seafood Getting enoughE 'is particularly important as the age ... We will not get osteoporosis or a strange nervous illness. Note that a calcium is useless if you do not have enough vitamin D. Vitamin D is needed for calcium is absorbed by the body.


Iron is very important. Most people enough. Women often do not. Iron is used to assist in the creation of hemoglobin, a protein, to supply oxygen in the body of your cells. PeopleMost pregnant women need and women who are menstruating. Iron is found in green vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds and fruit specific. As vitamin C is also important because sufficient increases iron absorption.


Zinc is used by the body, helping to heal wounds and support the immune system. A zinc deficiency can cause chronic fatigue syndrome. It can be found in fish and shellfish, mushrooms, vegetables and fruit.


Most people live in dignityAmount of sodium, so that this mineral is generally considered important. However, it is possible that some people are never enough. It is used to regulate blood pressure, cardiac function and nervous system. Food, can be found in nuts, coconut, seaweed, carrots and more. In fact, the sodium in most people eat food a.

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