Thursday, November 18, 2010

Living Without Sugar - 3 Breakfast Ideas to Give You Energy Whilst Still Pleasing Your Sweet Tooth

Many of us prefer sweet foods for breakfast. But now your doctor said you mustn't have sugar any more, or you yourself decided you need to cut it out because you want to lose weight? For many people, and I admit I'm one of them, it's unthinkable to live without sugar. We know, we don't need it, but it somehow adds pleasure to our life. Sugary foods are luxuries we don't want to give up. So, what if you have to because your health demands it?

First of all, think about when you have sugar

as an energy booster to wake up in the morning
as a life saving snack when your energy level is running low
sweet foods like cookies, cakes and chocolates for pure indulgence

How sugar gives you energy

Let's focus on the first two aspects: sugar for energy. It's true that plain sugar, because it's absorbed very fast, in the stomach already, gives you a very quick energy boost. But after a very short time, this effect wears off, and you need more.

Did you know that carbohydrates as you find them in starchy foods like bread, pasta, potatoes and rice are way better energy providers, especially the complex carbs found in whole grain products? They are released and absorbed slower and over a longer period, thus giving you energy for hours instead of minutes.

Sweet sugar-free breakfast ideas

Instead of loading your breakfast with sugar, try this great strategy: Use fruity foods to satisfy your sweet tooth, and starchy foods to give you lasting energy for the day. Especially whole grain cereals or bread will do a great job. Your breakfast could look like this:

The cereal breakfast:

1 glass of orange juice (freshly squeezed, or the 100% unsweetened fruit juice out of the box)
a bowl of whole grain cereal with low fat milk
1 banana, or half a handful dried fruit mixed into the porridge

The sandwich breakfast:

1 glass of orange or other fruit juice
1 whole grain roll with jam (jam should be sugar reduced, if possible made with natural sweeteners) or honey
1 fruit

The meal-like breakfast:

1 small pancake, 2 small waffles or 2 muffins (use whole grain flour and make sure you don't use sugar, if you want to sweeten it, use honey)
fruit salad (without sugar added)
a small bowl of low fat yogurt
1 glass of fruit juice

You see, there are many ways to have a lovely sweet breakfast without sugar. The only sugar you find in these breakfast ideas is fruit sugar, which is doing much less harm to your body than the plain sugar, and honey which is healthier too. Be aware that when using honey, you only need half the amount than if using sugar as it is sweeter, and dried fruit contains more fruit sugar than the same amount of fresh fruit. But all it takes are some small changes, and you got a healthy sugar-free breakfast which won't make you miss sugar at all.

Bettina Berlin is a health professional specializing in healthy nutrition and quick cooking. Eating healthy and thus maintaining a healthy weight can significantly improve your health and help prevent many diseases. Is your life so hectic that preparing healthy food often seems impossible? Then visit TODAY and get your FREE fast cooking tips and much delicious quick easy recipes!

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