Monday, June 20, 2011

Is Dried Fruit good For You Than regular Produce?

Wondering if dried fruit is great for you than regular produce? In some ways it can be, but fresh fruit is superior broad -- except when it comes to questions of convenience and accessibility, portability and storage. Here are some of the differences, and what type of fruit is best to try.

Fresh fruit is arguably the most yummy food that comes level from nature's bounty, and it needs no making ready or cooking to be enjoyed. The benefits of fresh fruit are extraordinary -- fruit is packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and energy (typically in the form of fructose, or fruit sugar).

Dried Fruit

Oddly, though, dried blueberries have more antioxidants than their fresh counterparts.

Is Dried Fruit good For You Than regular Produce?

Drying and freeze drying are two of the ways to support fresh, ripe fruit for eating long after the harvest is over. These processes prevent spoilage and make fruits available all year, even those whose season is quite short.

Conventional fruit drying processes approximately all the time consist of additives, especially sulphur dioxide, to support the color and freshness of the fruit. However, the dried fruit is still a far great alternative than most snack options, such as sugary candy bars and trans-fat-laden potato chips.

Freeze dried fruit does not normally consist of additives, as the freeze drying process in effect preserves the fruit great than approved drying does.

Because fresh furnish can be difficult to store effectively, and is not as practical to carry on hiking expeditions, camping trips and outdoor excursions, the freeze dried stuff is a extraordinary way to get the benefits of fruit without the fuss and muss of heavy fresh fruit.

Freeze dried fruits and regularly-dried fruit consist of sugars in a more concentrated form than you find with fresh produce, since the water has been mostly or entirely removed from the strawberries, peaches, apples, grapes, plums, or whatever fruit is in question. Thus it is important to remember that about 1/4 or 1/2 a cup of dried fruit equals a cup or so of fresh fruit as far as calories are concerned.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are great than dried items because they consist of live enzymes and no additives and most of their vitamins and minerals are available in higher percentages. They also have lots of water, which fills you up more speedily and thus helps you to not consume too many calories while enjoying your fruit.

However, keeping a stash of freeze dried fruit is a good idea to ensure you can all the time have your daily recommended fruit servings, even when fresh furnish is not available to you.

Is Dried Fruit good For You Than regular Produce?

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