Friday, June 18, 2010

Can I raise my children vegan?

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You can increase your child completely vegan. There is an enormous amount of data to support this position from the government for medical research studies and professional opinions respected nutritionists. The idea that children are raised vegetarian is not healthy, is an invention, to put it mildly. In fact, the American Dietetic Association, in collaboration with the Children's National Medical Center in Washington and many other organizations businesses,says a well-planned vegetarian diet suitable for people of all ages, including children.

Recently, instead of the epidemic of childhood obesity, the question is asked more and more. What has been found in studies comparing vegetarian children Were leaner, with a low prevalence of obesity is lower body mass index and improved lipid profile. These results suggest that meat, dairy and eggs eaten by children non-vegetariansthe risk of obesity, and nutrients, the high-fiber diet with vegetarian children reduces the risk of overweight. Also, what most experts suggest that vegetarian children provide reasonable amounts of vitamin B-12, proteins and minerals is crucial. It should be noted that vegetarian children for a varied diet, including legumes, whole grains, tofu, nuts and seeds are given and many fruits, green leafy vegetables and other minerals packed.

Now, Demand for the most part, your children to eat these things, under the strong influence of advertising and the family that do not support our colleagues? Making healthy food more palatable for children simply require that you make it fun. Using a cookie cutter to create fun sandwich shapes. Add the sauce, a vegetable dish size child. Add a side of yogurt soy sauce for apple or pear. A vegetarian pizza together. Keep a good supply of food, like the fingers> Dried fruit, nuts and berries on hand for snacks. Just enjoy meal time links to keep them both happy and well fed.

So, despite what friends, family, media and many other companies can say many studies show that educating your children to be vegetarians. You will still need to grow up well adjusted, healthy and happy adult. You only need training, as their well-planned meals with them all the vitamins, minerals and nutrientsthey need to support their development structures. In society today, which will not be a difficult task. Discuss with your family doctor. To check yourself to make the answers to questions you may have this problem. But, of course, the probability is still very strong that you will find that increasing the children is one of the few viable solutions for vegetarian diets, poor health are still in thisWorld.

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