Monday, June 7, 2010

pieces of fruit - Production of health

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Trends in consumer preferences toward healthier eating and snack options are motivated farmers to develop food ingredients contain natural fruit. Case of the limited duration of the effects of fresh fruit reduces the production of artificial foods are comfortable and durable, the producers tend to rotate, alternatives such as dried fruit and artificial "bits" are usually dry and brittle, not to mention conservation of chargeand sugar.

pieces of fruit and marzipan URC produced using a single ultra-fast processing, the concentration process as whole fruit ingredients be minimal. The resulting products are stable Chef, quick and easy to use and can be stored on site. The high content of natural fruit preserves its natural goodness, flavor, color and texture to create delicious fruit cereal inclusions in a wide range of applications, includingsnack bars, bread - even chocolate.

URC fruit pieces, manufacturers and formulators healthier and better-for-"is a snack food business, experience is a real result for the consumer. URC fruit pieces and sizes rolled in a series of cubes of goods allow a uniform distribution grain products and baked attractive appearance. The smallest size is 3x3x2mm cube and was designed specifically for use in the form of rotation and decorated cakes Cookies. They can also be used to irrigate the bars or cookies.

real pieces of fruit snacks are so delicious fruit that URC can be consumed even by himself as a real. With up to 97% of fruits are available in a variety of tastes, consumer choice include the popular strawberry, raspberry, melon, pineapple and currants. Great as a lunch or snack between meals and snacks. Pieces of fruit are a new and focused only way to eatFruit. "

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