Wednesday, June 9, 2010

creative idea - Health Food Bar for Your Wedding

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Looking for a unique tour for your wedding? Are you tired of doing what others are doing? Then check out this ride on a popular trend. One of the major trends in weddings is now chocolate. However, these days we still see all the news and read in the newspapers of our society very obese. After helping not a chocolate bar at your wedding, remember that if you really want to do a little 'different, and better health, why not try a diet barinstead?

Imagine this: glass containers of various sizes for the databases at different heights. Each element full of health nuts, such as different types of cereal, a couple of trail mix, a little 'nuts, and some others. Then label each bottle with a label of decoration, so that customers know what is in them. (Remember to note whether or nuts in every part of so many people allergic to nuts).

Another option, you can do itGuests have their own trail mix from individual components in each glass. A glass can be a nut with raisins, one with M & M, with a dried fruit, and the other with sunflower seeds. As favors for guests, you may give each guest a glass. You can customize with your monogram or name and date of marriage. These can be found on the Internet at various places. With a little 'imagination, the possibilities are endless!

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