Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fitness Tips For Baby Boomers - Do You Know the 7 Awesome Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruit?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I am sure that you have heard this expression. Well, there is a lot of truth underlying the benefits of eating fresh fruit of all varieties. Nature definitely knows what she is doing by providing and offering for us these sweet foods of the Earth. If you are tempted to skip the recommended three to four servings of fruit per day, you are definitely losing a lot of benefits in doing so. In this article, you will discover the 7 awesome health benefits of eating fresh fruit.

How To Eat Fruit

Dried Fruit

To get the absolute best benefit from eating fruit is to first of all always eat it fresh, and to secondly to eat the entire fruit. Whole fruit has the most fiber, and it tends to be lower in sugar than fruit juices and dried fruits which are usually also much higher in calories. (Also fruit, generally, should be washed before consumption.)

The 7 Awesome Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruit

Benefit #1 - Helps To Regulate Your Body's Digestive Process - Fruit function as natural laxatives. They provide fiber that is important in helping your body get rid of waste material through the colon.

Benefit #2 - Contains Important Vitamins That Protect the Body From Illnesses - Strawberries, oranges and other citrus fruit contain vitamins C, A and E which help the body protect itself from the harmful effects to the body-cell systems as a result of the negative elements in the environment resulting from the pollution of factories, cars and other air toxins.

Benefit #3 - May Slow Down the Effects of Aging - The bright color pigments of many fruit like the blue of blueberries or the red in cranberries contain substances called phytonutrients which contain extremely powerful anti-cancer causing agents called antioxidants.

Benefit #4 - Has Been Shown in Studies To Prevent the Deterioration of the Brain - Many conditions and symptoms of such diseases as Alzheimer's may be ameliorated through the regulation consumption of fresh fruit.

Benefit #5 - Helps With Weight Loss - Rapid weight loss is accelerated by eating fruit which helps to fill the stomach faster by removing cravings to eat high-calorie fat-gaining food.

Benefit #6 - Helps To Reduce High Cholesterol Levels - Studies have shown that regular consumption of fresh fruit may lower high cholesterol levels.

Benefit #7 - Helps To Reduce Inflammation - Tart cherries and apples have shown in studies to reduce the flare ups of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Fitness Tips For Baby Boomers - Do You Know the 7 Awesome Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruit?

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