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Fruits For Diabetics - Can a Diabetic Eat Fruits?

People who are suffering from diabetes should maintain a healthy balanced diet. If you have diabetes, you should withdraw from eating foods that are high in both cholesterol and fats. Your diet should be composed of non-greasy and simply-digested food that has a lot of fiber content. Fruits are the best source of fiber. Fruits for diabetics have a lot of benefits for diabetes patients. They are high in vitamins and nutrients, but are low on fats. Because of these, they bring positive effect to the control of the blood sugar. However, you should note that fruit juices do not give the same benefits as fruits themselves because juices and concentrates are highly rich in sugar. The dietary fiber you need is not provided by fruit juices; therefore you should choose whole fruits because these have more fiber. Remember to choose fruits that are not sweetened and choose citrus fruits like grapefruit, orange or lime.

Even if diabetics can eat any fruit available in the market, certain fruits like mango, grapes, and banana are considered diabetes bad food because they have high sugar content. These can raise your glucose level in blood. Grapefruit, jambul and apple are the three fruits highly beneficial for diabetic patients. Certain studies have proved that cholesterol is being lowered by this fruit. Because it has low glycemic index properties, it helps the body burn fats. On the other hand, diet composed of only grapefruit is not sufficient for diabetics; you should still eat more fruits and vegetables than foods rich in cholesterol and fats. Grapefruit is best taken with diabetic low carb diet to prevent the rise of  sugar levels.

Another one of the fruits for diabetics is the apple. Apples have high contents of pectin that is very helpful to people with diabetes. Pectin detoxifies the body by providing excessively high amounts of galacturonic acid. This acid takes away the detrimental wastes out of the blood stream and helps generate a lower insulin requirement for diabetics by thirty-five percent or more. Aside from the pectin, Vitamin B1 is also found in apples. This vitamin averts the destruction of brain cells that may be occurring because of diabetic acidosis.

The rose apple or jambul is also another fruit beneficial for diabetic patients. The compositions of jambul have a great helpful effect on the pancreas. Starch is not converted to bad sugar because jambul prevents the conversion. This promotes lower blood sugar levels. Seeds of this fruit are dried, pulverized and dissolved in water for a healthful drink. This fruit also prevents a patient from experiencing excessive thirst and urination.

Diabetics are advised to eat five portions or more of fruits and vegetables daily to lower their blood glucose levels. It is also important for diabetics to know and understand the fruits they are eating. If you eat food with high sugar content, chances are your sugar level in blood will rise. Remember to abstain from eating fruits with high glycemic index. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables will help you not only lower your blood glucose but also maintain your general diet.

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