Monday, October 25, 2010

How Goji Juice Can Help to Heal and Nourish Dry Skin Ailments

Did you know that goji juice can be used for more than just your health and immune system?

It can also be used to correct problems with dry skin.  Some of the dry skin ailments that it can help include:

o    Flaky skin

o    Psoriasis

o    Eczema

o    Cracked skin around the cuticles

o    Redness

o    Aging

This health beverage is filled with plenty of antioxidants and nutrients that work together to help nourish and heal dry skin ailments.  Free radicals are the main cause for aging skin. The antioxidants help to push out the free radicals. The goji berries from the juice contain the antioxidants that help to make this happen.

In addition to the antioxidants and nutrients, this dried fruit also contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides, which is a powerful source to fight anti-aging.  There is also beta carotene that works to prevent the skin from sun damage.  Sun damage can be caused by sitting out in the sun too long.  Human growth hormones (HGH) work to keep the skin smooth and supple.  This brings about a more youthful look.

People have been known to use the health beverage directly on their skin.  It has been known to be placed on cuticles and on areas where the skin is affected by a condition such as eczema or psoriasis.  The minerals work to provide strength to areas that are weak.  Minerals also work to decrease inflamed skin areas as well as to heal areas of the skin that are dry and flaky.  

The beverage, along with other products that contain goji berries work to rejuvenate the skin.  The skin has a flawless and even toned look.  This dried fruit can be found in products such as skin creams, lotions and other skin products.  

These products work to provide moisture to the affected skin area.  They also protect the skin from adverse stresses in regard to the environment.  The products help to maintain a balance and keep the skin supple.  

Ceramide is an ingredient used in these products that helps to protect the skin from being damaged.  This ingredient contains antioxidants and moisturizers that help to perform that function.

Drinking goji juice for a few weeks on a consistent basis can help a person have an even complexion.  In addition to that, the beverage can be used on cracked skin.  Administering it on a regular basis can transform the skin from undesirable to desirable.  

Having dry skin or a related condition can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially when you've tried different formulas to correct the problem to no avail.  By drinking or using the goji juice on a regular and consistent basis, your skin can look flawless, smooth and supple.  If you're diligent about doing this, a youthful and fresh look awaits for your skin.

Kevin Mcafee works for a nutritional company that wholesales and retails goji juice and other goji berry products.

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