Sunday, October 17, 2010

Healthy Eating - Quick Fun Snack Foods For Kids

It's often hard enough finding quick healthy meals and snacks for ourselves, let alone our children. Kids like to eat on the run after grabbing something quick from the cupboard before heading back outside to play. What ever is the quickest is often the best for kids whether it's healthy or not.

Biscuits are often the first thing kids head to when looking for something quick to eat. This is in part due to the fact they are often the easiest thing for us to buy. I am guilty of this myself.

There are many quick healthy alternatives for children to snack on. Healthy, raw fresh fruit and vegetables can be quickly prepared. Dried fruit makes an excellent snack and has a much longer shelf life.

Carrot and Celery sticks are great dipped into a light cream cheese, but for a little variety try some mixing some healthy dip with the cream cheese.

For a healthy after school or play snack, try some of these healthy alternatives to sweet biscuits.

Carrot sticks with cucumber cheese dip

2 carrots washed (or peeled if you prefer) and cut into suitably sized sticks
Half a cup of finely grated cucumber
Half a cup light cream cheese spread

Mix grated cucumber with the cream cheese and serve on a plate with the prepared carrot sticks.

An alternative to this would be to grate the carrot and mix through the cheese and cut one centimetre thick slices of cucumber and dip these into the carrot and cheese dip.

Dried fruit skewers

Bowl full of mixed dried fruit pieces

Feed alternate pieces of dried fruit onto skewers. Any sort of fruit is fine (but avoid things like banana chips or other "chip" style dried fruit). Spread a drizzle of honey over the fruit skewers and roll in coconut. (An alternative to this would be to use individual pieces of dried fruit, drizzled with honey and rolled in coconut.) Serve as you would a plate full of biscuits.

Another alternative is to use pieces of fresh fruit such as slices of apple or pear. Cantelope, Watermelon and Honeydew would also work well.

These are only two easy, healthy and fun snacks with variations. Kids will enjoy both making and eating these healthy treats, and because they can be eaten on the run, their fun and busy lifestyles will not be affected.

Educating our kids about the importance of healthy eating is the beginning of them leading their own healthy adult lifestyles. If we let our kids think it's ok to enjoy junk food the same will grow with them.

Eric J Smith describes himself as being "Passionate about Organics". He is committed to Educating people on the importance reducing the chemical load on our bodies and the Environment. Eric is Married and has 2 Children. Eric and his wife Narelle represent Miessence Certified Organic Skin Care, Cosmetics, Home & Nutritional Products.

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