Friday, October 1, 2010

Fruits For Diabetics - What Are the Best Fruits For Diabetics to Eat?

Everyone knows that the biggest reason we like to eat fruit is because it is sweet, right? So, if you are diabetic, you may be wondering if you can still eat all that delicious summertime fruit from the farm stand or grocery store. The answer, thankfully, is yes. Next, you may be wondering if there are certain fruits that are better than others. Fruits for diabetics - what are the best fruits for diabetics to eat?

The answer in its simplest form is easy. The best fruits for diabetics to eat are those that are fresh or frozen. The worst are those that are canned and contain added sugar. You know the kind, the kind that says in heavy syrup or even in light syrup. Fruit is delicious as it is; there is no need to add more sugar.

More important than a list of the best fruit choices, you will find that paying close attention to your portions is most important when choosing fruit to eat. The American Diabetes Association considers fruit a replacement for starches like rice or potatoes. This is because both carbs and glucose are really just like sugar, according to your body. So, you may be quite surprised to know that if you eat fruit for dessert with dinner, you need to cut down on the rice or pasta.

Dried fruits are probably not the best fruit choices for diabetics. They have more calories and sugar content because they are "concentrated." Therefore, you get to eat fewer of them and reduce your chances of being filled up. Raisins, dried cranberries, dried figs, dried peaches, and so on are not the best fruit choices.

Serving sizes are:

1 small fresh fruit equals one serving.
2 Tbs. dried fruit equals one serving.
1 cup melon equals one serving.
1 cup of raspberries equals one serving
½ cup of fruit juice equals one serving

Fruits for Diabetics

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