Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hidden Fats in Healthy Foods

In today's society, everyone is looking to lose weight. However, even those who feel that they are watching what they eat might be surprised to learn of some of the hidden fats that can be found in their favorite so-called healthy foods.

For instance, researchers have been touting the benefits of eating fish for several years now. Indeed, fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which offer numerous health benefits. It might seem logical then that sushi is a healthy treat, but it depends on the type of sushi that you consume. Many of the popular sushi rolls contain unhealthy fats like cream cheese or mayonnaise. Others include cooked fish that is battered and fried. As a result, sushi is not always the healthiest choice, so make sure you stick with sashimi or more basic sushi rolls, like tuna rolls.

Dried fruit also seems like a good option for snacking, but it can contain added calories. The reason is that dried fruit is much denser than fresh fruit, so it has more calories. In addition, many brands add sugar to their dried fruit snacks, making it even more unhealthy. It is best to stick with fresh fruit when possible.

Another example of a so-called diet food that can pack on extra calories is granola. While granola can be healthy, many prepackaged granola mixes contain a lot of added sugar, which translates into additional calories and fat. If you enjoy eating granola, then it is best to make your own with oatmeal, fruit, and a bit of honey to sweeten if necessary.

When it comes to lunch items, there are several culprits that offer hidden fats. One example is the veggie burger. Although they do not contain the fat and cholesterol of meat burgers, some veggie burgers can contain even more calories due to the added cheese and dressing that binds the vegetables together. For this reason, they should be consumed in moderation. It is important to take note of what you are eating and to make the smartest choices possible.

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