Sunday, June 5, 2011

Benefits We Get From Eating Fruits

My boyfriend told me recently that he plans going to Weight watchers with his mom. They have been meaning to several times to do this but they have never been able to. However I wanted to really help them when he told me this time so that they can finally go.

We got rid of junk foods in their house which was quite substantial to begin with. As I was not overweight I took a portion to my own house.

Dried Fruit

The next thing we did was draw up a plan on what to eat and what not to eat. My boyfriend eats everything unlike his mum who is a bit choosy. We therefore decided on foods that will be safe to eat and we all mostly agreed on fruits.

Fruits can be taken at anytime in the day. They can easily replace junk foods which are also eaten quickly and hurriedly. Fruits are however healthier than junk foods and cause less havoc when eating hurried and used as a quick bite. A banana or an apple can easily serve as a quick source of food.

A great way to be reminded to eat lots of fruits is to keep on your counter a bowl of fruits. Anything you want through the door you see it and get reminded of it.

Don't be worried of dried fruits getting spoilt when not consumed within a certain period. Fruit juices and frozen fruit can be purchased. These are normally preserved to last much longer than the dried fruits.

Preparing fruits can be fun but most importantly it is healthy for the body. To stay healthy you can trade all your candies in for fruits just like my step mum and his son.

As the weeks go by you will come to enjoy changing your candy habits for a more healthy and fruitful one. This be afraid when it seems difficult at first.

Benefits We Get From Eating Fruits

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