Friday, December 3, 2010

Buying Affordable Acai Berry

There are some celebrities and medical experts who advise people to buy Acai Berry because of the health benefits this fruit can provide. This fruit is currently high priced since it is only abundant in South America and it is commonly called the Superfood since it has a lot of benefits to offer.

It is not possible to buy Acai berry directly. These berries are dried or blended into a juice before they are imported. After 72 hours from harvesting, these berries lose its nutrients. The only way to buy Acai at a cheaper price is if you reside near the Central or South America. Importing this fruit to the United States can be so expensive that others buy a substitute instead. Pomegranates are used as a substitute for Acai berries since they can be stored longer.

If you are staying in South and Central America, purchasing this fruit is not a problem. It is found in all stores. If you are nowhere near this area, the only option is to buy Acai that have been frozen and preserved. Acai products like juice, smoothies, pills and other products made from this fruit are being sold in different health stores in the country.

Free trials are being offered through online stores where you can buy Acai products at an affordable price. Products include Acai berries that have been made into juices, dried, or pulp. Some are mixed with another fruit. The only way to buy Acai that has been frozen and made into juice all for a fair price is through the internet.

Several comments made about the fruit is its taste, consumers say that it does not taste good as a juice. There are other options for consuming this fruit; it is also available as a supplement, powders, and dried fruit. Most supplements are effective and have as much nutrients and antioxidants as the fruit itself.

Purchasing the Acai Berry itself is expensive and almost impossible. Since the fruit loses its nutrients after 72 hours, the only option is purchasing the products made from Acai. It is almost as good as the fruit itself, and provides the same benefits that the fruit itself can.

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