Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacuum Packaging - Why Its Used

You have heard about vacuum packaging all your life and every time you shop at you local grocery store you encounter it. What is the reason behind it and is it necessary, or is it just a gimmick? Also, what types of products does it benefit the most?

Does Vacuum Packaging Suck?

Dried Fruit

The basic principles behind vacuum packaging are quite simple. Heated plastic is encased around a product, or substance and before it has cooled and solidified, the air is sucked out of the package or container. The result, is that when the package cools, it is form fit around what it contains and most, if not all of the air in the package has been sucked out.

Gases Out - Product In

The air that you breath is actually a combination of several different gases, with oxygen being the most prevalent. Each type of gas has the potential to react with a variety of substances, with oxygen possible being the most reactive. For instance, an item that is made from steel will rust if it is expose to the air. By vacuum packaging a steel product, it is prevented from rusting while it is on a store shelf.

So many Products - So Much Packaging

The same goes for food products. Dried fruit for instance, will be effected by the oxygen and nitrogen that is in the atmosphere. By vacuum packaging dried fruit, its freshness and shelf life is extended greatly. On an on the list goes of products that benefit by being protected from the air that surround us and vacuum packaging is the most common method of protecting these products.

Food safety is another thing that vacuum packaging provides for consumers. When you pick up a package of hot dogs and can see that the vacuum seal is intact and viable, you can rest assured it is safe for your family. Should the vacuum packed hot dogs be bloated with gas, you then can plainly see that there is an obvious problem.

Vacuum Packaging - Why Its Used

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