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Enjoy the Virtues of Argan Oil in the Best Riad Hotels in Marrakech

For centuries, argan oil has been one of the best kept beauty secrets of the Berber women in southern Morocco. This natural oil, extracted by pressing the dried fruit of the argan tree, is traditionally used for its nourishing and exceptional cosmetic qualities in the care of skin and hair, but also as edible oil used to flavor couscous, salad or fish.

The argan tree (Argania Spinoza) is a tree endemic to the region of the Atlas Mountains and the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, especially the regions of Essaouira, Agadir, Tiznit and Mirleft. It is a tree mainly found in Morocco, in an area known as the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve, listed as World Natural Heritage by UNESCO.

Dried Fruit


After harvesting by hand, the fruits of the argan tree are sun-dried for several weeks. The shells of nuts are then broken in order to extract the two or three small kernels they contain. The extraction of the oil is done by mechanical almond presses which do not require the use of any chemicals. This technique of traditional manufacturing has enabled the main Virgin Argan oil to obtain a certification as "Bio".

The production of argan oil for food requires an additional step that provides an exceptional eating quality. Before pressing, the nuts are lightly roasted to give argan oil a delicious taste of almond and hazelnut.

Rediscovered in the last few years, the production of this unique oil is now a central element of the policy to improve the working conditions of rural women in the regions of Essaouira and Agadir. The vast majority of the production of oil from argan is now mostly provided by women's cooperatives, which are sometimes supported by government agencies in Morocco. Strong international demand for argan oil has also helped the establishment of sustainable management of forest estate of the argan tree in south-west Morocco.


Argan oil is soaked with essential omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E (tocopherols). These antioxidants help combat dry skin by compensating for its lack of proper nourishment.

As for your diet, this oil has also proved to be a valuable ally for the linoleic acid needed by your body. Richer in this acid than olive oil, the oil extracted from argan contains nearly 80% of unsaturated fatty acids, of which 42% is linoleic acid.

Argan oil is another of the many secrets that can be discovered during your visit to the South of Morocco and during your stay in some of the most charming riad hotels in Marrakech, where you will get lots of information about how and where to find the best argan oil. In Marrakech, you will find how argan oil is always present in many aspects of life for the local population in this region, especially women's beauty, food, etc.

Enjoy the Virtues of Argan Oil in the Best Riad Hotels in Marrakech

Visit Marrakech to enjoy a fantastic opportunity to discover the main uses of this oil, unique this part of the world, and appreciate many of the delicious famous Moroccan meals elaborated with argan oil in the best restaurants in the Ochre City. Find the best riads in Marrakech, where you are always welcome and invited to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in this magical city.

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