Sunday, December 5, 2010

Important Foods to Take on Hiking Trips

When you start packing for a hiking trip you should always consider what food you should take with you. You will need energy on long hikes and if you happen to get lost its important to have foods that will keep you going for a long period of time. High protein and hydrating foods are most important. Let's look at a list of some important foods you should pack when preparing for a hiking trip.

1. Water-

Okay so water may not be a food, but it is the most important thing to pack when preparing to hike for any length of time. You should always take water with you if you are planning to hike over a mile you should take at least 2 quarts of water with you. You will want to drink about a cup of water ever 40 mins even if you do not feel thirsty.

2. Trail Mix-

Just like the name implies trail mix is a great food to take with you hiking. It is full of protein and dried foods. It is packed it energy. Trail mix has a lot of calories that you will need to burn while hiking. It is not a health food as many may think. One once of trail mix can pack 150 calories alone, but this is an easy snack to have packed away for your hiking trip.

3. Dried Fruit-

A create source of energy that is light weight and easy to carry with you. Do not go out and buy dried fruit that has extra sugar and preservatives added to them. You should dry your fruit yourself. Make sure you drink water with your fruit as you will become dehydrated without it.

4. Energy Bars-

Maybe the most popular food to take with you on a hike they offer lots of protein and calories in a small package. You may want to try a few before taking them with you as some do not taste that great. Some can also be packed with sugar and other unwanted stuff so check the back to make sure they are as natural as possible.

These are just a few foods that you can take with you on your hiking trip. Always make sure you are over prepared with plenty of water and food in case you get lost or hurt. You do not want to end up dehydrated it is no fun. Hope these tips help and have fun hiking!

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