Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Removing Those Extra Pounds

Shedding off some pounds is never easy. But choosing what u eat can give you a healthier, slimmer and better you. Some of the fats are hidden underneath those found in the healthy foods list too.

Fish are prescribed by some dieticians to keep up with a good diet. Its health benefits like omega 3 fats is good to our body.

Dried Fruit

Fresh sushi is spectacular when mixed with wasabi, but when it is done in rolls, better check it our prior ordering for it contains some foodstuff which is not healthy enough especially if one is on diet.

Tuna, sashimi and other fish either cooked in a battered and fried or simply raw is much preferable by many than those of the sushi rolls because of all the preservative and extenders it contains, it is not palatable enough to eat.

Having a fresh fruit daily as snack is much healthier as compared to all the dried fruit available nationwide. If you are on a diet, however, you should settle for a fresher ones if you want to simmer down on your calorie intake rather than grow it by the numbers. Dry ones contains more preservatives and artificial sweeteners, all the more making unhealthy.

Granola bars eaten as snack to keep you fit is also a big no to your diet. It may be cheap in cost too but it doesn't save you either from all the calories you'll get out of it sugar and fat contents. It is advisable that you would rather do it yourself with some oatmeal and fruit and honey for you to control the amount of sweets you prefer. The fresher, the better, and less of calories too.

Since you are on a diet, vegetables is a must eat for you right? Then, better say goodbye if ever you consider veggie burger as your favorite for lunch at school or at work.

Veggie burger may be incomparable to all the bad nutrients like fats and cholesterols that meats could give, but it sums up to all the calories that you so avoided and guarded, due to all the cheese and dressings that mixes it all up. Yet,if it can't be helped but should be eaten in a minimum.

Wise decisions shall be made and well planned in keeping with a balance diet.

Removing Those Extra Pounds

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