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All About Vegetables and Fruits

Nutritional composition of fruits and vegetables

Scientific studies indicate the high importance of diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and stroke. This feature is attributed to fruits and vegetables because of their unique content of antioxidants, especially vitamin C, beta carotene and phytochemicals and dietary fiber. In addition, this group of foods a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals.

Dried Fruit

Fruits and vegetables are low-calorie foods and contain very small amounts of fat except avocados, coconut, olives and nuts. Protein content is also negligible, and legumes are an exception. Nuts and legumes are nutritional composition differ from the remaining fruit and vegetables. Nutty fruit is an excellent source of omega -3 fatty acids, those fats that are desirable in the human diet today because they have protective effects on cardiovascular health. On the other hand, legumes boasts a wealth of protein, dietary fiber and a host of phytochemicals. Proteins from legumes are an excellent complement to those of the cereals providing combined all the essential amino acids necessary body.

Recommendations for daily intake of fruits and vegetables

Nutrition Board promotes campaign''5 +''which tells of the need to consume five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Daily consumption of five or more servings of fruits and vegetables will provide you with enough energy for everyday activities, the easier it will maintain adequate body weight, you will make good his digestion, and surely you will look and feel better.

1 unit serving, for example:
- 1 medium sized piece of fruit (eg apple or orange)
- Half a small cup, berries or sliced fruit
- Three quarters cup (180 milliliters) 100% fruit juice
- Half a cup frozen or canned fruit
- Quarter cup of dried fruit
- A handful of nuts
- Half a cup of fresh cooked vegetables
- 1 cup fresh vegetables
- A half cup of cooked beans or peas

What is advisable to prefer foods and which to avoid? Advantage has all the fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, natural fruit juices, cooked vegetables or lightly steamed, because they contain the maximum amount of beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. It is advisable to avoid industrial products from the fruit because it often contains significant amounts of added sugar. Moreover due to the high fat content, nuts fruit preferably consumed in limited quantities.

Tips and notes:
- As snacks or snacks choose fruit or chopped vegetables
- Add dried or fresh fruit for breakfast cereals
- With a sandwich or pizza take a salad
- Add fruit desserts
- The selection and purchase of trying to pick fruits and vegetables are controlled origin
- Give priority intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and thermal processing of these foods is reduced to a minimum to limit the loss of their valuable substances
- Instead of every day eat the same fruits and vegetables rather choose a variety of colorful fruits and to ensure a variety of phytochemicals that have diverse beneficial effects in the body.

All About Vegetables and Fruits

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