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Great Grape Growing Information

Most of the grapes used today, are used in the making of wine. Only about two percent is used for dried fruit and twenty-seven percent is used for fresh fruit and the other seventy-one percent is used for the purpose of producing wine.

The grape seems to be made for the production of wine. The grape has the right properties that are perfect for the art of wine making. The wine producing characteristics of the grape includes high amounts of natural fermentable sugar, strong flavor and color in the skin. The wine grape has been refined to produce the utmost aroma and flavor. Therefore grapes make the best wine, even though wine can be made from other fruits. The grape also produces a great juice for drinking. Grape juice is mostly produced from the Vitis labrusca grapes which have a loose skin and can be easily peeled. This juice grape is native to the Americas. Whereas the tight skinned grapes native to Europe and East Central Asia known as the Vitis vinifera has been planted all over the world and are used mostly for the production of wine. The grape is also a highly nutritional fruit that are a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats, and they are also cholesterol-free.

Dried Fruit

Even though the grape is grown in large vineyards for commercial production of wine and juice it is also grown in small backyard vineyards by many people all over the world. It's is a great hobby and very relaxing to grow your own grapes and be able to produce your own wine. Tending to a backyard vineyard can take a great deal of time but is very rewarding. To plant a vineyard in your own backyard you will need to pick a spot that is well drained, receives plenty of sunlight and has great air circulation. When picking a spot, check the location after a heavy rain to make sure there is no water standing on the ground. This will give you a good indication of whether or not the soil is well drained. If you live in a cold climate it might be a good idea to plant your vineyard on the south side of a slope if possible. This will give you vine protection from the north wind and also give the greatest amount of sunlight to your plants. Once you have picked the perfect spot for your vineyard, you will need to have the soil tested to see if and what kind of fertilizer you may need for your plants to strive. Also you will need to build a trellis system for the grape vines to run on. The trellis will also need to be stout enough to hold the heavy clusters of grapes hanging on the wines after you vineyard starts producing a full crop of grapes.

If you are planting new vines it will take them about three years before they start producing grapes. Therefore the trellis system needs to be built out of treated lumber and brace well for several years of use. After the vines start producing grapes you can harvest them and make juice, wine, jelly, and many other things from them. Remember to always have fun growing you own grapes.

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Great Grape Growing Information

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