Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Question - Acai Extract Or Freeze Dried Acai Capsules?

Which is better, Acai extract or freeze dried Acai? Which one still holds the nutritional value? What kind of capsules should you look for? Read on.

If you are looking for the health benefits provided by Acai berry, then choosing the right products is very essential. Because there is no way for you to attain this Brazilian berry in the form of fresh fruit, then your only chance is to look for processed ones.

But be careful, because not every processed product gives you the same results as the fresh fruit..

Avoid Acai Extract

The first thing you should remember is to stay away from any Acai extract product. If you find a product that says extract, then it means that the manufacturer does not include the real fruit as a whole. It is an extract!

Meaning, you also will not get the complete health benefits.

Freeze Dried Acai: Your Best Option

Acai berry is very perishable. Once you harvest the fruit, you must process it correctly within 24 hours. The wrong processing method and delayed processing will only lessen the nutritional value of the berry. That is why freeze drying is still the best processing method available. Freeze dried Acai is proven to possess the most nutrition among other methods.

What About Acai Capsules?

Usually, you can find freeze dried products in the form of powder. Sometimes this powder is put into capsules. So, as long as the capsules are made of freeze dried Acai, then you can consume them.


Stay away from Acai extract, because to gain the health benefits, what you need is the whole fruit (its pulp and skin), processed properly. Freeze dried capsules is one form of Acai berry you should look for. They are practical and helpful in controlling metabolism, boost your energy, suppressing hunger and burning more calories for permanent weight loss.

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