Saturday, January 15, 2011

Benefits - Raisin and Melon

Raisins are defined as dehydrated grapes. They are a dried fruit that are used in numerous dishes and deserts. Since they are rich in minerals and vitamins, it is considered to be very healthy when consumed with milk.

Melons belong to the guard family, and are usually sweet. Originated in Iran or Persia, this fruit has two main varieties: muskmelons and watermelons. The former is usually yellowish orange in colour, and has a hollow centre with seeds. The latter is usually green from the outside and red within, and are heavier too. Both of these can be eaten raw, and made into beverages as well.

Apart from being used for various food preparations, raisins and melons have important health benefits too.


• People with high acidity, or with chronic diseases are often advised a raisin diet. They are alkaline in nature, and thus maintain the body's acid balance.

• They are very rich in irons, hence making it ideal for treating anemia. It also helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals, thus it is good for underweight people to gain weight.

• They also make the heart stronger, help bowel movement, and prevent growth of cancer cells. Hence it is advisable to soak it and give it to children daily.

• Also if boiled with milk, they are used for arousing sexual pleasure and relieve stress.


• Melons help in relieving stress and treating panic and anxiety attacks, as they are rich in Vitamin B6, which is essential to manufacture important brain chemicals.

• Rich in Vitamin C, hence boosting the immune system. It also helps in attacking the radicals to prevent premature aging.

• They can effectively help in reducing bad cholesterol levels, and even high blood pressure.

Mr Ajeet K is a health nutritionist, and over the years has even worked in the capacity of a nutritionist for some of the renowned hospitals! He continues to enjoy studying how food items affect the body, and now has made it his mission to share such information with others.

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