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How Does the Raw Food Diet Work

The raw food diet allows you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouted grains, beans, dried fruit and any other unprocessed and uncooked foods. Most raw foodists are vegan which means no dairy or animal products.

Experts believe that cooking our foods destroy essential enzymes that are vital for digestion. However food doesn't have to served cold, It is acceptable to heat food up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. All current expert nutritional advice advocates increasing the amounts of fruits and vegetables in the standard diet and raw foodists go beyond that.

Dried Fruit


It's worth trying the raw eating. After just one day of eating only raw foods you will notice that you are not as sluggish as usual and you will have more energy. Pay particular attention to eating fruits which many raw foodists don't eat enough of. Fruits will give you the energy you need.

The raw food diet is high in antioxidants which are necessary for glowing skin and slowing of the aging process. Within a few weeks you will notice clearer skin and eyes as your body goes through a detox process.

Problems With The Standard Western Diet

Eating a raw food diet can prevent and cure many modern diseases and conditions. It is well know that what we eat affects our health. An astounding number of health conditions that people have are a result of poor diet or are aggravated by a poor diet. Our modern standard western diet includes far too many highly processed foods that are lacking in nutrients which contributes to poor health.


People who follow this diet don't just eat salads. Dehydrating foods, juicing, shakes, and various spreads and gourmet foods are easily made. In fact there are a number of raw food cookbooks, e-books available for raw foodists. While at first glance the diet appears restrictive, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Experimenting with different recipes is a great way to add variety to the raw food diet.

How Does the Raw Food Diet Work

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