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All-Spice - The Medicinal Properties

All-spice is a quay ingredient and greatly used in cultural cooking and is native to the Caribbean Islands. When the fruit is dried out at this point the fruit looks like dried peppercorns. The whole fruits are said to have a longer shelf life than the dried powder type. This product produces a more aromatic flavor when freshly ground before use.

The all-spice leaves also has great cooking properties and is used where available in cooking they are similar in look to bay leaves. They are used to infuse food and disgared when serving.

Dried Fruit

Another us for the wood and leaves of this plant is to smoke meat and dry fish.

All-spice is not, as some people believe, a mixture of spices. Rather, it is the Dried fruit of the pimento plant. This fruit is picked and dried out in the sun, when ripe the fruit is green but when the fruit has undergone the drying processes they turn brown and have the resemblance of large peppercorns. The whole fruits in my opinion are a much better product as they have a much longer shelf life, than what its powdered form will give. It is much better to ground this spice just before using it as it will give a more freshly prepared flavor and the aromatic essence of the fruit is brought out.

The leaves of the all-spice plant are generally used in cooking by the natives in the Caribbean Island. They use leaves in cooking where possible as it has grown to be part of there culture. The pimento leave is very similar to bay leaves they have a common use amongst the natives of the Caribbean thus used to infuse the food with flavor then removed at the time of consumption. All- spice has another more common trait as the wood and leaves are used to smoke meat or fish and vegetables. All-spice being a local crop it is also found in essential oils.

Spice are also known for there natural medicinal properties. All- spice is commonly known as a seasoning, spice, or an extract usually derived from food. The content of nutrients and non-nutrient substances are minimal, and that is due to the fact that they are consumed in small amounts.

However spices give variety and flavor to the food also helping to stimulate the appetite encouraging the flow of the digestive juices. They are well known both in the Caribbean Island and in Europe for its soothing properties. It has been known to be the host of many colds and flu remedies around the world, medicinally all-spice is a digestive aid that promotes the digestive enzymes, and it is a natural anesthetic and helps with muscular pain and tooth ache. So that's why I think all spice is a culinary giant in the world of spices.

All-Spice - The Medicinal Properties

Andrew Dekannwarri cultural chef

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