Saturday, July 2, 2011

Does Fruit Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels?

People with type 2 diabetes all the time have questions about fruit. Will it raise your blood sugar levels? Is it alright to have fruit in the morning? Does fruit juice raise your blood sugar levels faster than whole fruit? The truth is it depends of many factors.

The excuses for not eating adequate fruit runs along the lines of those for not eating adequate vegetables and not looking time to exercise. honestly in this fast paced world, fruit is honestly ideal... There's no preparation, just wash and eat! How many times have you bought apples and just left them to rot preferring to eat those potato chips, crackers or candy?

Dried Fruit

Once your option of fruits was small... Apples, oranges, bananas and a few summer fruits. Now you can find so many exotic fruits... Don't be afraid to try something new. You can eat them in place of juice or dessert. Berries particularly ice well which means you can all the time have healthy fruit-snacks in the house. Or buy out of season, icy berries... They last a lot longer than fresh berries.

How many servings of fruit for you each day?

This may seem like a lot to you, but somewhere in the middle of three and five pieces. One serving is approximately equivalent to:

one medium or half a large apple, pear or orange one cup of grapes, strawberries, raspberries or cherries 1/2 cup canned fruit packed with no sugar added or unsweetened fruit juice two smaller fruits such as plums, apricots or kiwi fruit 1/4 cup dried fruits
The effect of the assorted fruits on your blood sugar level depends on:

the form it takes, eg. Is it juice without fiber that you drink quickly, or an apple that takes any minutes to eat? either you eat the fruit with your meal, or alone as a snack the glycemic index of that single piece

As a rule, fruit does not raise your blood sugar level faster than many other sources of carbs. However, some when eaten alone can raise your blood sugar fast... The glycemic index ranking list will help you here. A piece of fruit eaten in the afternoon can just give you adequate energy to get straight through until dinner.

The bottom line is fruit is a source of energy, vitamins, minerals and fiber and should not be missed. You need to eat any pieces, in the middle of three and five, every day.

Does Fruit Raise Your Blood Sugar Levels?

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