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As tempting fruits of your children

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How children to eat more fruits and vegetables can be a real fight. The fruit is naturally sweet foods, it is perhaps even more interesting as a vegetable, But sometimes children refuse to eat healthy. We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for health that we can be more attractive fruit, our children?

First, remember that foods that children love to look nice. A pile of green mush would taste delicious, but the childrenI do not want to go, it tastes good. Make a smiley face made of yogurt and chopped fruit, and will smile and feel like eating. You can eat fun because fun is tempting food, food, even if you use healthy ingredients to do.

Boxes and frozen fruit

The fruit must be frozen or canned or fresh fruit can be a good option. Frozen Fruit is frozen, it is perfectly ripe nutrients, which means maintained and preserved.

The fresh fruit is out of the vineyard, which has less nutrients, fruit frozen the healthiest option. The fruits are sold in shops, after having gained, it is fair to say that frozen fruit generally contains more nutrients.

You can try frozen fruit, thaw and children use the command of a cheesecake. You can also mix fruit sugar free jello, thawed or fresh, sliced > The result of a healthy and colorful dessert.

Canned fruit is healthy, as it is packed in juice instead of sugar syrup, and you can use to make shakes, smoothies or adding cereal for breakfast. Making food from the fruit, which looks appetizing and your children can try new things to try, even if they try picky.

dried fruit and fruit juices

Dry> Fruit is easy, but because a lot of water has been removed, it is higher in calories than fresh fruit, canned and frozen foods. If your children are small, dried fruit can be a risk of ingestion is cut into pieces cut. juice is another option and can be used as is or mixed with lemonade. Try using unsweetened fruit juice, because fruit contains natural sugars already.

Recipe for a healthy fruitSmoothie

Fruit smoothies are attractive to children because they are colorful and tastes delicious. You can do all fruit smoothie berry.

This recipe makes two servings of fruit compote and honey and vanilla shake to give a wonderful aroma. You can adjust the milk instead of yogurt or frozen yogurt if you prefer.

What you need:

1 cup frozen yogurt
V. 2.1 Tea vanilla extract
1 banana, chopped
8frozen strawberries
V. 2.1 Honey Tea


Add all ingredients in a blender and puree blended for one minute at high speed until creamy and blended. Serve immediately.

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