Saturday, July 17, 2010

packages for soldiers

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packages for soldiers abroad ... Know someone serving in Iraq, who would enjoy such a gift? You probably know at least one person currently serving in Iraq, you want to do something good. For me, my friend, Sergeant Mary Walters.

SGT Walter is 1-189. Aviation Air Assault Battalion Helena an ad in the Office of Personnel S1 sergeant in Iraq. Your office is responsible for the management and staff responsibilitiesBattalion.

Day after day, Walter situations that test the steel of a soldier in front. But all is hell in Iraq. Amid all the flashes of joy and chaos are evident. For example, when football Blackhawk helicopter ball drop bombs and candy to children quickly. "The waves and the smile on his face, trust and the relationship between Iraqi citizens and American soldiers will be strengthened," said Sergeant Walter.

"The soldiers relate to children and theirThe families that these gifts from U.S. citizens. Children are always waving, smiling and happy for gifts. "

It seems that these soldiers have a seemingly inexhaustible supply of goodwill. It 'clear that we are the world that we give to the world and won. We learn this in physics, the third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. And 'the essence of Buddhism called the law of karma.

Your actions revolve aroundIt is also certain that the earth revolves around the sun. Walter is very conscious of how they tried to do well and all met and meetings. It will give their lives for what can be goodwill. He opened the soldier mentally and emotionally.

And as the soldier who can also do something good will. You can send a package of assistance to follow a soldier. If you do not know that anyone can personally, you'll get a list of addresses for soldiersMarines, airmen and sailors serving overseas, excited, a package of assistance Keystone soldiers receive.

I asked Mary what items they like best, and it is their list:

Shampoo and conditioner (small sample bottles that you receive when you are in a hotel or stay the size of $ 1 Wal-Mart)

Phone card

single packet of Crystal Light and Gatorade powder

Beef Jerky


The chip cookies or melt (no chocolate, nothing is what)

Dried Fruit


Hard Candy


Magazines and newspapers


Playing Cards

handheld games

You can use a cheap plastic box from Wal-Mart (size of a shoebox) ofmail them in. The soldier, your gift can be ground for storage, he / she will like the gift is replaced. The recipient of your generosity every time I use the container must not be forgotten. You should also check with the UP Postal Service for the package to mail to soldiers abroad, because many commercial shippers do not ship to Iraq in order to be safe. Sergeant Walter Mary and all those who send the armed forces serving in Iraq, there will be the motto in Latin,NeDesit Virtus, nobody dare to fail. Finish the mission and return safely. We salute you.

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