Thursday, July 29, 2010

Want a snack?

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You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I'm not hungry to eat six. "~ Yogi Berra

Recently I was asked to give a friend a few snack ideas, have the in-between meals. I thought that if I nibble on how and what things work best for me. I realized that if my main meals are pretty happy, I do not feel the urge to snack. I also noticed that I do not feel the urge to snack when I'm doing something really do during the day. But this ismy situation for you is it may be different. Each of us has our individual needs.

If you want to taste, and what you do? This is a candy bar, a bar or a bag of chips, something like that? If you are snacking because they do not complete the meal or boredom or habit? If you are truly physically hungry? Your body need occasional or frequent snacks. It 'important to know and understand what you need. My need for a snack when I'm back and I have not postedtime to eat meals. This is not a good plan, but sometimes it is my reality. It 's a good idea to have something to snack available when you need it. Here are some things I suggested to my friend.

Prime nuts and dried fruits. This is a standard. If I move or go to day are all on the road, I keep a bag of organic dried fruit for me. This is the easiest thing to take with me if I'm not going to a place to be. Two of myThe favorites are a combination of raisins and walnuts and apricots and almonds. Determine what is your favorite and stick with it.

According fried vegetables. They are very soft from the oven, cold or at room temperature. I especially like the cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and asparagus prepared in this way. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Mix the vegetables with salt, a little olive oil from the sea and pepper. Cook until the vegetables brown (which brings the sweetness) and the racethe tip of a knife. For the asparagus, put a little 'fresh lemon juice, if taken from the oven.

Third Humus, blacks beans and white bean dip with raw vegetables and / or crackers are all good snacks. I make my season so I can as I love and I know what kind of oil in them. If you buy ready-made and are looking for products made from virgin olive oil, avoid products that contain soy or rapeseed.

shrimp cocktail is also a great quarterSnacks. Instead of the traditional cocktail sauce, overwhelming a lawyer with a compression of fresh lime and a bit 'of salt and use it as a dip for shrimp. When you run a traditional cocktail sauce, do it with ketchup and horseradish. Many businessmen have bought brands prepared a cocktail containing corn syrup, high fructose should be avoided.

Fifth Cheese, Turkey or roast beef rolled around a piece of avocado or spicy mustard really. If possible, choose meatgrass-fed and grass-fed cheese first. Make sure your meat and dairy products are free from antibiotics and hormones to a minimum.

The next time you want a snack, resist the temptation to try it in a bar or chips and something different and broader. With a little preparation and a control for the processing of your reflection on what is a snack, you can easily quickly, are healthy and tasty snacks. Think what you want in a meal slow, and onlyportion sizes. Here is how you settle for a snack. There are many good ideas for snacks and a few to start.

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