Monday, July 26, 2010

Health and Great Fruit

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While there is life - and fruit - there is hope. If this truth is realized by the laity 999,000 teachers of art to heal and take their profession forced to abandon the fruits of a lifetime.

Many people are only vaguely of the grape cure "for diseases that they feel an excess of power, and the lemon cure for rheumatism, but most of the time, these treatments, only the names remain. However, it is almost unbelievableFor the uninitiated, this can be achieved, the fruits of the task for a time during any type of food passed. Of course, such a procedure should not be included in a negligent or in random order. adapted to sudden changes of habit are to avoid the trouble to visit the patient and make him lose patience and abandon the treatment, without him a fair trial. In countries where the "grape cure is done, the patient begins with a pound of grapesEvery day, the amount is increased gradually until it can consume three pounds. As the volume of grapes is increased which reduces the food source, until the patient's life, but not grapes. I have visited a "grape cure" center personally, but I read that not only people who find that the consequences of excess supply, the acquisition of the grape cure, but patients and attract more consumers burgeoning weight on him.

The herald of Health declaressome years ago in southern France where the grape is practiced by consumers are fed only with grapes and is very strong and good in a year or two. And I wanted to make miraculous cures are known for adopting a fruitarian diet in cancer, tumors, gout, eczema, all types of inflammation and heal wounds.

H Benjafield, MB, writing in the Herald of Health says, "Garrod, the great authority in the drop in Londonadvised his patients to oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapes, apples, pears, maintenance, etc. Tardieu, the great French authorities that the potash is so abundantly present in fruits, the main way to clean the blood of these rheumatic gout and poisons .... Dr. Buzzard advises the scorbutic to take fruit morning, noon and night. fresh lemon juice in the form of lemonade to drink as usual, the existence of diarrhea should not be a reason for moderation. "The author goes to show that the liver headaches, indigestion, constipation, and all the other complaints and the action of the drug slow the bowels and can not be cured with the use of artificial fruit salts.

Salts and acids, found in an organized manner, very different in their effects on products from the lab, despite the fact that shows the chemical composition, may be the same. The pharmacist may be able to produce a juice "fruit", butmay, once again, actual production of fruit. The mysterious life force still eludes him. The fruit is an essential nutrient, provides the body with something beyond the simple elements that chemical analysis can, of isolation. The plant kingdom has the power of minerals for direct use, and only in this "live" that make them unfit for human consumption. Consumption of sodium chloride (salt), yeast, and the whole armymedicines and mineral spirits, we violate that decree of nature, which is ordered in the animal kingdom on vegetables, on the supply of minerals.

The fruit is a food.

Until recently, most speak the English have a habit of not considering the fruit as food, but rather as a sweet, the joy of eating alone, and therefore very economical. It therefore has a legitimate place of his exile was the beginning ofMeals. But any kind of fruit is a "Goody," is a food and a full meal. All foods of plant origin (naturally) form contains all the elements necessary for a complete diet. be supported in a pinch human life might in one of them. I say "a pinch" because if the nuts were cereals and pulses for food is for many people, have been excluded due to deficiencies in beef fat and protein (and muscle training elements). However, living alone receive, if fruittaken in large quantities with a release a bit 'of energy from the person to live with him, as evidenced by the "grape cure". The percentage of protein in the grapes is particularly high for fruit.

Those who can make their daily diet fruitarian foods are better things to do, that the Council of O. Hashnu Hara, an American writer wants. He said: "Every adult needs 12 a 16 oz of dry food, without water, every day. To compensate for this quarter of a million poundswalnuts, and three ounces of dried fruit used to be one of the must. In addition to this, 2-3 kg of fresh fruit is the distribution to end the day. These amounts must be weighed ... and an adult male in perfect health and vitality will receive. The amount of fresh fruits mature in summer has increased slightly, with a corresponding decrease in the nuts. "

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