Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worlds Strongest Beers Top 5

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Let's get beers.

Beer is the fifth highest "Double Black", which represents about 26% is high. The beer is brewed in Belgium by Dr. Brouwers Struise. People who say they have had the opportunity to taste this beer has hints of dark chocolate, and wood and the taste is that the notes of dried fruit and chocolate in the race with a high alcohol content.

Beer is the fourth highest "Samuel Adams Utopias, which represents about 27% solids. E 'in Massachusetts, U.S. manufactured byBoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams). Critics say that the sweet smell of maple syrup, caramel, toffee, malt, alcohol and potatoes with a hint of chocolate and is one of the sweetest beer whatsoever.

Beer is the third highest "Dave", which represents approximately 29% is high. And 'produced in Oregon, United States of hair of the dog Brewing Company. The fragrance is woody and earthy, leather, tobacco, alcohol, almost like raisins and soy sauce. Taste, Dave showsmuch of the same nature as the aroma.

Beer is the second highest "Schorschbräu Schorschbock 31%, approximately 30.86% is high. The beer is produced in Germany from Schorschbräu. People have tried to tell them that the aroma and taste is complex Fiery alcoholic incredibly strong, hard liquor, like fire on your tongue and show interesting fruity, like apricots.

first beer is the strongest tactical nuclear Penguin ", which represents approximately 32% solids. InBewDog Scotland. No comments yet, because the beer is just been published, but is known to sell at a price of 30 pounds each, and the warning on the label, he says, "C is a very strong beer, it must be appreciated in small portions will and with a touch of aristocratic nonchalance. exactly the same way to appreciate a good whiskey, an album by Frank Zappa, or visiting a ghost and so friendly. "This makes us very concernedOUT.

The hope was to read that for you it was interesting for me to write, and I hope that someone can go on tour to try all these beers interesting and gives his personal favorites

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