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incorrect information on nutrition and proper scientific explanation for

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There are a number of assumptions related to food quality, level of power or of a diet, generally based on ancient myths and recipes grandparents.

The UK Food Standards Agency has published a number of beliefs about food known and gave a scientific explanation for the correct and incorrect. Among the misconceptions:

- If you showed him the label of a food is reduced or low fat, this means that the food is healthy.

This iswrong, because fat is generally caused by other components, corresponding to the calories in food or, in Some cases higher when replacing a lot of fat.

- Most of the salt in our diet is added to food during cooking.

This is wrong because the relationship between the amount of salt added to cooking meals for 10% to 15% only, while 75% of salt in our food today comes from the frozen food.

The suggested retail price of salt is six grams of salt Now when the person eats about nine grams of salt a day.

- Drinking cold water helps get rid of obesity.

This is wrong, because cold water does not help, more calories than normal water and the perfect way to get rid of obesity should be engraved on changing eating habits.

- The dry food is not a healthy food, and it is better to eat vegetables and fruits.

This is false because the prices of vegetables recommended daily> The result is five units per day, no matter if it was fresh, frozen, canned or dried, despite the fact that drinking a cup of fresh fruit juice is equivalent to one unit of recommended and dried fruits like figs or data provide the body with energy because it is a good source of fiber and sugars.

- The vegan diet is healthier than regular meals.

This is false because some vegetarian dishes contain large amounts of fat, while red meat cancontains a low percentage of fat in the fat of fame, was authorized by the other chickens are healthy choices when your skin or fish to be removed during the cooking of small quantities of butter and ghee.

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