Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Think nuts are good for you? Think Again - Sulfites Might Be Hurting You and your children

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Think you're a die healthy food, and not from you? Guess again. Sulfites can be very dangerous.

What are sulfites? Most nuts contain a preservative sulfer based "... that if they are sensitive to sulfites, a lot of damage to these organizations. Some people can not be a reaction, until they reach their forties fifties. In other words, can happen at any time, while those lives.

The reactions can be viewed by sulphite Sensitivity following: skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular problems and lung problems and fatigue. Conservatives sulfur were the Greeks and Egyptians used for wine. Back when they are guaranteed. But over the years, many people have had reactions to them.

Here are some other foods that the FDA says Benin sulfide can have them ... Vegetables ... Trail mix ... Canned or frozen> Fruit Juices ... Instant mashed potatoes ... ... dehydrated soup mix maple syrup .. Coconut ... Dressing mix ... Wine vinegar ... Tortillas ... shrimp, fresh or frozen ... Gelatin ... Cornstarch ... Sauerkraut ... A bottle of lemon juice ... among others. The good news is that in 1986 FDA banned the use of sulfites on fruits and vegetables. If you know when you might be allergic to sulfites, a way to know is I want to eat food drink above (or reversed)(Of course, not eating or drinking too much), as already shown on the product label, and if within an hour, you start to cough, headache, tiredness, itching initial redness, or your skin.

So be sure to check labels on foods and beverages. Make sure that do not contain sulfites.

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