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Building a system to improve digestion with water kefir

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My first impulse in water kefir was the number of probiotics. Probiotics can help with digestion and I was like my sentiments are with the transformations. However, when I started reading more water kefir, I was so impressed by his resume: Helping report "nervous disorders, internal ulcers, bronchitis, multiple sclerosis, heart attacks, liver and gallbladder diseases, kidney diseases, stomach and intestinal disorders, diarrhea or constipation, anemia, allergies, psoriasis and other skin diseasesProblems such as eczema. "(Dolores Sanchez-PeƱalver, water kefir), I was warned that the consequences would be no overnight success - and that was duly noted. But after a few weeks, I can honestly say that my digestion has improved, and I noticed an overall improvement in my physical and mental.

What is water kefir?
Water kefir grains are a tribe of the mother culture of yeasts and bacteria. These good bacteria working with yeast to startbad (which are the result of antibiotics, plus change the intake of sugar, refined foods, etc.), and the environment. So, for people with yeast overgrowth of kefir can be a welcome friend. The grains are the same size and shape of grains of milk kefir. They are called SKG - kefir grains of sugar. Do not worry about the name, but. They feed on sugar, so you do not drink a glass of water with the grains of sugar are thrown away after him, buttransformed into a drink rich in health benefits! The beans are fermented in the same way that milk kefir grains, and offer similar health benefits. However, water kefir is tasty, and even those fickle drinker sips easily. The end result is similar to flavored seltzer water.

The method of brewing
Here's a simple recipe to make your own kefir:

Wheat 2.1c
1 figs
2 T raw sugar
3 cups water

There are all methodsand "rules" and the correct methods of doing things that nobody seems to agree. But as the end result is the same, here is a simple method for the fermentation of water. Dump the ingredients in a bowl liter, cover and let the mixture ferment for 24-72 hours. More than fermentation, in addition to the final sugar content. Then, the deformation of grains in the mixture in a sieve into a glass measuring 4 (for convenience, because it close to Nice). Pourresulting liquid into a clean Mason removed the figure (unless you want to eat the seeds before ...) and fill the tank with ancient grains, fresh water, a new figure, and some more sugar. This thesis kefir sitting well covered, for 24 hours, a further decline in sugar and increase the number of probiotics. Fizz also rises in this way. You can drink now, fruit or half a cup of a blended mixture.

Changes in taste
You can experimentwith the taste by adding raisins, prunes or other dried fruit. Fresh ginger is also popular as a slice of lemon. You can also kefir with fruit juice or fresh fruit. Make sure that if it occurs, use of surplus grain - and I said, that will multiply like crazy? Share knowledge and love through the gift of grain to friends and relatives.

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