Friday, September 17, 2010

What about bananas?

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Bananas are the most popular fruits in the world, but did you know that bananas do not grow on trees, really? They are actually more grass in the world? The banana is a fruit that everyone loves, but does not seem to have all people know a lot.

Bananas on the basis of a plant that grows in clusters known as a cluster. The real name of a bunch of bananas is called "hand", and each individual pieces of fruit on hand, as "finger". Theaverage weight of a finger 1approximately 25 grams, which is in water about 75% and 25% dry matter. The fleshy part inside is soft and tasty and I liked it a lot, but are generally not eaten fried or skins. The tendinous part of the flesh as a "bundle of phloem. Bananas contain valuable sources of vitamin B6, vitamin C and potassium, that are healthy and that our body needs. Many athletes often use energy in their physical bananaRoutine.

These delicious fruits are grown in at least 107 countries worldwide, although indigenous Southeast Asia and Australia. Bananas, boiled and cooked in its yellow-green or red bananas are the staple food of many African peoples. cooked rice or fried green bananas or plantains (a banana version), can in many recipes are in the Caribbean island. Bananas can be very versatile. If they are dry, they can be eaten as a snackFood or ground into flour.

Bananas are available in different sizes and colors, including yellow, purple and red bananas. cooked green bananas and are very popular in the Caribbean and African cultures, the release of immature yellow banana. The red variety is sweeter than usual yellow and should give a slight taste of raspberry. The banana skin is tinted purple and red meat is slightly pink. This sweet variety can be eaten raw orCan be used to cook a wonderful color to different dishes add bananas.

Bananas are harvested green and shipped in an immature state due to the fact that ripe bananas are easily damaged during transport to the market. Bananas need a careful treatment and bruises.

The banana flower (or flower or heart) is often in Southeast Asian, Bengali and Indian cuisine, where it is served raw, cooked or used with dips to soups and curries. Some culturesalso the basis of race banana trunk in several countries. fried bananas are boiled or steamed and the juice extracted from the base of the system is often used to treat kidney stones. In different cultures, the leaves are useful for cooking as packaging for the realization of things, and even umbrellas (because of their waterproof properties).

With all uses of this plant, and general good taste, which is not surprising that a banana in the worldpopular fruit. Where else can you taste so delicious and healthy benefits of a hand?

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