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How to create healthy snacks for children Party, eat

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Finding the right balance of healthy food that children eat during the holidays can be a challenge, especially with the popularity and awareness of fast food. But with a little 'creativity and effort that can make food tasty and healthy and fun to watch here are some suggestions.

Instead, serve with bread on it and hundreds of thousands / sprinkles, make a selection of sandwiches with various fillings such as cheese, ham, tuna, eggs, cheese and tomato or tuna andSweet corn. Small, quality sausages and chipolatas a great addition to any party and the children are very popular. Children are more likely to eat if so funny.

However, many of chocolate, dried fruit on toothpicks to make sure you use a variety of different colors to give the impression of pleasure. You muesli bars and you can buy rice cakes coated with carob. You can also carob chocolate-covered Rice Krispies is.You do not have other cereal grain free, but please make sure that you use to check the package in the homes of children with allergies.

If you're vegetarian, you would like to offer products without milk or wheat / gluten-free party, so here are some different ideas to try: -

If you can or they may contain Scottish oatcakes (oatmeal cookies, wheat or gluten - check the packages for details) are an excellent choice, served with tuna and corn.

To get an idea or sweet riceChocolate cake with carob topping a great idea or delightful, one might add, cheese, pineapple, eggplant (aubergine) or a variety of pureed vegetables. Make sure that these colors must win children's eyes.

o You can add cheese to muffins (you can use these gluten-free) and put under the grill. Try adding fruit and shredded zucchini (courgettes) are in. You can also make pizza and party boy / girl youthem.

Waffles Or another good idea (even if they can not be gluten free) and you can add all sorts of things, such as fruit puree as an alternative to sweet or savory filling as soon as baked beans.

or tofu (bean curd) can also be used, although attractive to these children, you must ensure that you are an interesting way. One way to do is hit the tofu, thinly slice, then dip in an egg in place. Then add some sesame seeds and shallowFederal Republic of Yugoslavia, served hot. Adults prefer, but nothing that will not win!

Home-prepared pizzas or cut into small rectangles, so that children are easy to eat. You can add all kinds of flavors and pineapple and cheese, tomato and cheese, vegetables or cheese and vegetarian dishes are excellent. If you have someone in part, can not eat wheat or a strict vegan diet, you can then add the bean curd and wheat without using glue. You can use the party girl / Boy WonderThe guide disgust. Getting Started with children, what causes it is always a good idea because they can enjoy their party more than they have been involved in food preparation.

o You can also use a variety of foods on a stick, like cheese or fruit cubes.

No falafel (chickpea a Lebanese specialty).

No rice crackers or pita bread with hummus dip and avocado, served with carrots, zucchini and celery.

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