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Luo Han Guo - the sweetness of health

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In China the Luo Han Guo fruit millennium has been used almost as a natural sweetener. The official name of this vine is perennial Siraitia Grosvenor. And 'originating in southern China and is best known for its fruit.

Luo Han Guo (罗汉果, pinyin: Luohan guǒ) literally means "arhat fruit" or "fruits" of Monk, and is one of many that became known as the "longevity fruit '. It is alsocommonly known as Luo Han Guo spelled. And 'cultivated mainly in south-western Chinese province of Guangxi (mostly in the mountains of Guilin), as well as Guangdong, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi. These mountains provide shade plants, and are often surrounded by mists.

Luo Han Guo is rarely found in the wild. Most plantations are located in Yongfu County and languages in China are, for the extraordinary number of centenarians are renowned. Long Jiang Town (meaning Long Jiang"Dragon River") in Yongfu, a number of specialized companies their Luo Han Guo extracts and finished products.

The dried fruits are part of everyday life in the provinces where he grew up. Are stored and beverages, tea, soups, desserts, cakes and biscuits, which are consumed throughout the year. Documents show that Luo Han Guo, in Guangxi province have been grown by the 1813th Currently, the largest plantation in the mountains of Guilin, with 16 sq.m.Km Guilin supplies over 90 percent of total domestic production and sales of fruit Luo Han Guo, the tradition of transformation, this century began at the end of the 19th during the Tang dynasty, Guilin is one of the most important Buddhist refuges . Luo Han Guo was named after a group of Buddhist monks who have attained their way of life and meditation, enlightenment.

Luo Han Guo became better known in the 20th century. Thefirst report in English was found in an unpublished manuscript in 1938 by Professor GW Groff and Hoh Hin Cheung written. The report indicates that the fruit often used as a main ingredient in remedies that treated fever or other conditions traditionally associated with warmth or heat. It was known that the juice was very sweet. Groff and Hoh clear that Luo Han Guo is an important Chinese domestic remedy for treating colds and wasPneumonia.

The fruit only recently gained importance in Chinese history, but it seems that a small group of people who had mastered its cultivation a long time ago.

Lou Han Guo came to the U.S. in the early 20th century. Francisco fruit seeds were purchased from a Chinese shop in San, and were then joined in 1941 in the general description of the botanical species a.

The sweet taste of Luo Han Guo comes mainly from Mogrosides whichthe pulp of fresh fruit. by extraction can be a powder, 80% are obtained Mogrosides. Five different Mogrosides are known, each 1-5 The key to this system mogroside mogroside-5, which was formerly known as esgoside. The results in a mix of pure sweetness mogroside which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. The mixture of 80% is about 250 times sweeter, while pure mogroside-5 can be up to 400 times sweeter.

There are no reported incidentsadverse reactions to the Luo Han Guo and there are no restrictions on the consumption of fruit or its extracts. The plant is highly valued for its own purposes sweet fruits, medications that are used to and sweetener. Luo Han Guo fruits are usually sold as dried and used for tea or soup. You are responsible for respiratory illnesses, sore throats and are used as aids longevity.

Recent research on Luo Han Guo suggests that works as mogrosideAntioxidant and helps prevent cancer. The use of Luo Han Guo as a remedy for diabetes and obesity has been said, because they can be used as a sugar substitute. Luo Han Guo has also shown that it is useful against the Epstein-Barr virus.

But his story is not healing, he drew the attention of food manufacturers in this country.

Mongrosides calories contribute little to start a healthy diet and potential side effects. AlthoughGlycosides tickle the sweet taste, the body treats them differently from carbohydrates. does not increase insulin levels in response to glycosides, since he moved to produce energy arent broken. So, you can request the packet of books. Researchers at Nihon University in Japan have identified nearly 20 compounds from Luo Han Guo with potential anti-tumor activity. Animal studies at Hiroshima University in Japan have shown that both can mongrosides to inhibit the growth of skinTumors initiated by known carcinogens.

Other studies have shown promising mongrosides not only increase blood sugar, but can actually slow the entry of sugar in the blood. Mongrosides may even help fight heart disease, prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol, a known risk factor, particularly for people at risk of heart disease or diabetes to protect.

Luo Han Guo is harvested in the form of a cycle of green-brown fruit, which isAnd 'Dry. Since it is difficult to store, can rarely be found in its fresh form. For this reason, the fruits are usually dried before being sold in Chinese herbal shops. This limits the use of dried fruits and extracts for the production of tea, soups and as a sweetener in products which are usually added sugar or honey. There are a number of commercially prepared products Luo Han Guo. The fresh and dried fruit extracts are usually treated in aPowder Mogrosides least 80 percent included. The powder dissolves in water and the taste is not affected by cooking, making it an ideal substitute for natural sweeteners. One of the most famous of them in the form of powder, instant Luo Han Guo, which is sold by the company Yongfu. It is sold in China, Hong Kong and Chinese shops in the West. In addition, there are a number of other products, Luo Han Guo include alone or mixed with other herbs. You can also findin some juice products, when combined with other super-fruit.

We often hear of food and other ingredients wonder overestimated in global health and nutrition. Luo Han Guo perhaps the first super-fruits of the living area could be in place in every room, as the ad campaign.

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