Monday, September 27, 2010

Goji Berries - The Latest Thing in the Health Food World

The Goji berry is the latest thing in the health food world, but the small, dried red fruit has actually been used for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. Mention of the berries has been found as far back as the 7th century, but lately, the goji berry has stepped into the spotlight. The little fruit has certainly opened some eyes and stirred research as of late.

Considered beneficial to improving the immune system and vision, the goji berry also protect the liver and provide antioxidant effects. Many a tea or tincture has used the healing powers of goji berries. Several studies on the goji berry from Chinese researchers have claimed that the fruit packs a whallop of health benefits, and those claims have hit international renown.

A goji berry contains plenty of the body's daily nutritional needs. The fruit offers 68% of the recommended intake of carbohydrates and 12% of protein. In 100 grams of goji berries, there are 370 calories but only 90 of those are from fat. These little berries sure do offer a lot of health in a small package!

Goji berries have been found to regulate immunity and enhance the body's natural defenses. They improve our ability to handle daily stress by improving energy levels to increase coping ability. The goji berry can also slow the aging process and in cases of serious nutritional deficiency can help to reverse it.

The flavor is an interesting combination of tart and sweet, something in between a cranberry and raisin. People who like something a little in between those popular fruits enjoy goji berries. In their dried form, goji berries are easily snacked on. A juice can also make an interesting alternative. In fact, goji berry juice is one of the best ways for children to consume the fruit, as dried berries can be difficult to chew.

To have the extra health boost that goji berries provide, add them to your regular died. Dried, the berries can be added to many dishes. Teas are very popular and goji berry infusions are growing in popularity. For those who enjoy a faster pace of life and want nutrition on the go, a goji berry juice is probably the best choice.

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